Molding Tutorial Part 2

After a long unexpected hiatus, I am finally back and ready to post the second part of this tutorial. Hooray!

Take whatever object you have created out of Sculpey, or some other fairly non porous material, and set it down in the middle of the tin foil covered box you have made that fits it.

I am using the baby skull I created for this example. For the best results, your object should have a large flat side, because after we fill this box up with molding material, we need a way to pull out the object without destroying the mold. In this case, the base of the skull is flat, so that's how I orientated it in the box- flat side down.

Start mixing you mold material. The instructions come on the box of the OOMOO 30, and basically say to mix the two components in equal parts. But please be sure to read the directions fully before doing this, just so you know what to expect from the materials you are mixing.

Thoroughly mix the components, and it should turn out this light purple color...

Now this is the part where things start to get a little messy. Pour the mixture into the box with your object, trying not to displace the object from the center of the box.

It is important the object stays as close to the center of the box as possible so the resulting mold doesn't have weak walls in any part (if the mold is too thin in some parts, it tears more easily and only lasts for a few castings.)

I used a pencil to make sure I hadn't displaced the skull (you are pretty much flying blind at this point in the process without feeling around with a pencil or something.) I did this as soon as the mold was poured as to not disturbed the curing process. Do it quickly so the mold can start to cure. It takes around 6 hours I believe to have a cured mold. Email me or leave comments with any questions you have about my process so far, and I'll try to the best of my knowledge to answer them. Next week I will describe my casting process, so please check back :D

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