Our Lady of Guadalupe- Day of the Dead Style

A Virgin Mary bust that I created a mold for from an old statue I found at the thrift store. I then made several castings out of plaster, sanded them, then painted them and voila, you have the finished project.

She is a tealight holder as well as a wall hanging. You can check out more photos of her at the Calaveras Apparel shop on Etsy by clicking here.

Please check back soon! The next post will be about my process when it comes to the Virgin Mary busts- I'll let you in on some newbie insider secrets that I learned from scouring the internet and talking with art store employees.

Also, keep an eye out for my new project: painted baby calaveras. Not real skulls, of course, but hand molded and hand-casted like the Marys. Hopefully I can document the mold making process when I start that project.

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